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Blogging about Turkey and Israel, the two most interesting countries in the Middle East


Here are links to other things I have written:

Peer Reviewed

Value Judgment: Why Do Americans Support Israel? (Security Studies, Volume 20, Issue 2, April 2011)

Non-Peer Reviewed

Erdoğan and Netanyahu Mirror Each Other (Ahval, February 26, 2018)

Bibi Is Burning Down The House (Foreign Policy, February 15, 2018)

It’s Putin’s World. Netanyahu’s Just Living In It (The Forward, February 12, 2018)

Democrats Are Turning From Israel – Because It’s Tainted By Trump (The Forward, January 23, 2018)

Winners and Losers as the U.S. Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital (JTA, December 6, 2017)

The One Thing Trump Should Say About Jerusalem (The Forward, December 4, 2017)

The Sure-Fire Way to Ensure American Jews Disconnect Further From Israel (Ha’aretz, October 12, 2017)

The Six-Day War Was A Step Backward For Zionism (The Atlantic, June 6, 2017)

Language Lessons: Why Force Alone Won’t Fix Israel and Palestine (Foreign Affairs, May 31, 2017)

Review – Fauda (E-International Relations, May 10, 2017)

After Erdoğan’s Referendum Victory (Foreign Affairs, April 16, 2017)

Trump’s Budget Cuts Threaten Jordan’s Role in Defeating ISIS (Newsweek, April 7, 2017)

Israel Has Already Fallen Foul of a Pro-settlement Trump White House (Ha’aretz, February 7, 2017)

Kerry’s Mideast Peace Push Is Too Little, Too Late (Foreign Policy, December 29, 2016)

Keith Ellison Has A Real Israel Problem (Ha’aretz, December 4, 2016)

Bibi’s Trump Dilemma (Foreign Affairs, November 17, 2016)

A Two-State Manifesto In The Age Of Trump (Jewish Journal, November 10, 2016)

Turkey Is No Longer A Reliable Ally (Wall Street Journal, August 11, 2016)

Erdoğan’s Prophecy (Foreign Affairs, July 18, 2016)

Terrorism and Turkey’s Deal With Israel (Foreign Affairs, June 29, 2016)

Gaza Prepares For The Next War (Foreign Affairs, February 11, 2016)

Turkey à la Carte (The American Interest, September 22, 2015)

Turkey’s Cover: What Ankara is Really Trying to Accomplish With Airstrikes (Foreign Affairs, August 3, 2015)

Israel Is The Iran Deal’s Biggest Loser (Politico, July 8, 2015)

Erdoğan’s Victory: Why the Election Wasn’t a Loss for the President and the AKP (Foreign Affairs, June 7, 2015)

Hot Trade, Cold Ties: Israel and Turkey’s New Status Quo (World Politics Review, June 1, 2015)

Too Close To Call In Israel: Netanyahu and Herzog’s Narcissism of Small Differences (Foreign Affairs, March 16, 2015)

Turkey’s Syria Spillover Problem: Why The War Across The Border Will Shake Up Domestic Politics (Foreign Affairs, October 1, 2014)

After Gaza: Why Withdrawing From The West Bank Would Make Israel Safer (Foreign Affairs, August 11, 2014)

The Dark Side Of Elections (The Hill, June 16, 2014)

False Friends: Why The United States Is Getting Tough With Turkey (Foreign Affairs, February 20, 2014)

Politics As Usual: The Battle for the Turkish Judiciary (World Politics Review, January 14, 2014)

First They Came for the Islamists (Foreign Affairs, August 28, 2013)

Israel’s New Man In Washington (Foreign Policy, July 11, 2013)

Officers and Democrats (Foreign Affairs, July 6, 2013)

How Democratic Is Turkey? (Foreign Policy, June 3, 2013)

Why Israel and Turkey Got Back Together (Foreign Affairs, March 23, 2013)

No, Israel Did Not Just Vote For The Center (Foreign Affairs, January 23, 2013)

How Yair Lapid Captured The Israeli Zeitgeist (The Daily Beast, January 23, 2013)

Why Netanyahu Will Be The Big Loser In Israel’s Election (The Atlantic, January 22, 2013)

Why Is Israel On A Settlement Construction Spree? (The Atlantic, December 19, 2012)

Bibi Is Bluffing On E1 (The Daily Beast, December 3, 2012)

Mohamed Morsi And The Case Against Presidents (The Atlantic, November 30, 2012)

How Not To Wage War On The Internet (Foreign Policy, November 16, 2012)

Has Turkey Abandoned Gaza? (The Atlantic, November 14, 2012)

The Palestinian Guy Fawkes (The Atlantic, November 5, 2012)

Bibi’s Mistake (Foreign Policy, October 30, 2012)

Turkey’s War On Journalists (The Atlantic, October 24, 2012)

To “Bibi,” Or Not To “Bibi” (The Atlantic, October 13, 2012)

The Election About Nothing (The Daily Beast, October 10, 2012)

Why The Embassy Riots Won’t Stop (Foreign Policy, September 14, 2012)

How the Arab Spring Keeps Israel Safe (The National Interest, July 31, 2012)

The Turkish Paradox (Foreign Affairs, June 27, 2012)

Time to End the ‘Cold War’ Between Turkey and Israel (Christian Science Monitor, June 27, 2012)

Elections Are Over, Now Comes The Hard Part (Tunisia Live, November 30, 2011)

The Path to Post-Islamism (New York Times International Weekly, October 21, 2011)

Israel’s Boycott Bill and the U.S.-Israel Alliance (The Atlantic, July 19, 2011)

Why Tunisia’s Revolution is Islamist-Free (Foreign Policy, January 14, 2011)

Hiding In Plain Sight (Foreign Policy, December 2, 2010)

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