There is enough evidence in here of the epic cluelessness of Bashar and Asma al-Assad to keep you slack-jawed for the rest of the day, but of all the fantastic nuggets in this Guardian article about jewelry, candlesticks, and Blake Shelton songs on iTunes, the best has to be the fact that Asma tried to get out of paying VAT on items shipped to her in Syria and that she exhorted her London-based aide to act quickly in buying a vase from Harrod’s before the sale ended. And oh yeah, apparently Bashar is just like the rest of us in that he wastes his afternoons watching online clips from TV shows such as America’s Got Talent. At least thanks to the Pravda-style February 2011 Vogue profile of Asma, we know that the Assads do their web-surfing and online purchasing on a Mac, so at least their taste in computers is sound.