Well, this is certainly a unique way of attracting voters. I speculated earlier that a Tzipi Livni win or loss will likely herald the end of Kadima and that a Mofaz win might mean Kadima’s absorption into Likud, and now Livni seems to agree with me. Today she unveiled her new slogan “Without Tzipi Livni, there is no Kadima” and argued that Kadima without her is no different than Bibi’s party. It is an interesting tactic to tell Kadima voters that the rest of the party is essentially Likud lite in the hopes that they will vote for her as leader and then vote for a Knesset slate that she herself has denigrated. I’m glad to see though that she and her advisers are clearly reading this blog, and if any other Israeli Knesset candidates want some help coming up with catchy slogans that also yield deep political insights, I am more than happy to oblige.