If you are not a baseball fan, you can stop reading right now since this will bore you, but with Opening Day upon us I just can’t help myself.

Michael Schur is the man responsible for Parks and Recreation, but he is also the man responsible for something much greater. From 2005 to 2008, he did something that is infinitesimally unlikely, which is that he (along with his co-collaborators) wrote both the best sports commentary website and the best piece of comedy to ever exist, and they were both the same piece of work. For anyone who is not familiar with www.firejoemorgan.com stop whatever it is you are now doing and block off the next 6 hours of your life to read it. The site has been defunct since November 2008 and I still check it weekly in the naive hope against hope that something new has been posted. For nearly four years, any time I was sitting at my computer and laughing out loud barely able to breathe, my wife would say, “Let me guess, you’re reading Fire Joe Morgan.” Schur had an email exchange with Bill Simmons on Grantland earlier this week, and while it was merely a shadow of his old site, it just reminded me that he should be appointed emperor of the world, or maybe just given a bigger platform than an NBC sitcom to demonstrate why he is the best comedy writer alive.

So please Michael Schur, what would it take for you to start doing Fire Joe Morgan regularly again? I read your Ken Tremendous blog on Baseball Nation, but that is not nearly enough. There is a legion of HatGuy fans awaiting your return.