I’ve written plenty recently on Israel-Turkey relations so I don’t need to rehash any of it, but the announcement that Turkey has completed its own investigation into the Mavi Marmara flotilla affair and that the Justice Ministry is awaiting a list of names from the Foreign Ministry of Israeli soldiers to indict is not a positive development. I understand Turkey’s lingering anger at Israel but at some point you need to look at the bigger picture and figure out whether the “pursuit of justice” is worth the cost in other areas. As Laura Rozen pointed out, there are signs of thawing between Turkey and Israel if you look at trade ties, flights between the two countries, and even reengagement among the diplomatic corps, but there are plenty of people at the top in both countries who seem to have no desire to put the feud behind them and would in fact rather perpetuate it. Israel’s report exonerated its actions, Turkey’s report will do the opposite, and the UN Palmer report split the difference by finding the blockade lawful but criticizing Israel for using excessive force. Why can’t everyone leave it at that, agree to disagree, and move forward? Indicting Israeli soldiers will accomplish absolutely nothing and will only lead in return to a harsher spotlight fixed on the violent actions of those who were aboard the Mavi Marmara. I know I am a broken record on this and am not winning myself any accolades among my Turkish readers, but enough is enough. The issue should not be about who is to blame but about reconstructing what was a productive and beneficial relationship for both sides.